Teatime ghosts: “the ghosts who live in the little attic in Stewart House. They have refused to cross over. They like it there, especially having tea in the afternoon with Great Granny Matilda Stewart. None of them wish to leave the comforting familiarity and seek the unknown.

That’s why there are so many cardinals near Stewart House. The cardinals, who are psychopomps, conductors for the dead, make their home there while they wait for the ghosts.

Every afternoon the families sit at tiny painted tables, delicately holding their porcelain cups of tea. The baskets of dried flowers, rose, lavender and hawthorn, fill the room with the old-fashioned scent of bygone times when it was the ghosts’ love and laughter in the house. They sit quietly, murmuring their memories until the hour passes and they fade away.”


Lover of collages, quilts, vignettes, and tone poem journals.