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Stewart House had gardens from its beginning, back in the early 1700s. Kitchen gardens, with plants for cooking and healing, came first, then the flowers and ornamental shrubs. But the large tussie mussie created by Iline Stewart with Granny Weaver and her magical garden helpers in 2008 was special.

Constructed with a powerful design and intricately woven spells, the tussie mussie was another protection meant to counter the evil influences aligned against their new charge, the recently orphaned Susannah Stewart. Her guardians knew that when she was older, Susannah would face a fierce challenge there.

Over the years, the wise women worried the flower border would prove too weak and ultimately fail Susannah. But they underestimated the influence of the Black Knight Butterfly Bush and his steadfast devotion to the girl. And they forgot that the flowers, herbs, and shrubs had hearts and wills of their own.



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