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Anansi could feel the pull of the curse, though he had laughed scornfully at the warning Grandmother Spider had repeated from La Catrina.

Mistress, the others are afraid of the trickster man. He has fallen under an evil spell. He has become one who would eat a child trapped in his web and leave the bones to whiten in the sun…. The Sculptor

But who could have done this to him?

And why do it? Surely Susannah Stewart was not that important. He had been half-joking when he said,

Oh yes, she has Po-ten-tial. Before long, she won’t be stopping at seeing and touching the inside of things. She gonna go deeper.

Perhaps Granny Weaver might help. He would go to see her right now.

He was thinking about how he could save himself and the girl when the darkness pulled him under again.